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The Graduate School Language & Literature Munich was founded in 2013 with the goal of improving the basic academic conditions of all the doctoral and habilitation candidates in the subjects Linguistics, Literature, Language Education and Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Languages and Literatures of the LMU. It offers outstanding young researchers an excellent environment to advance their careers. The Graduate School unites all of the structures and programs that serve to educate young researchers. Programs funded through outside research grants and candidates pursuing individual doctoral studies are associated with the Graduate School and cooperate with it extensively.

The Graduate School benefits from over ten years of expertise in doctoral education acquired by internationally renowned programs as the Linguistisches Internationales Promotionsprogramm (LIPP), the Promotionsstudiengang Literaturwissenschaft (ProLit), and the Promotionsprogramm Amerikanische Geschichte – Geschichte der Amerikas (ProAmHist). As Class of Language, Class of Literature and Class of Culture and History, these programs have been transferred into the Graduate School while a new Class of Language Education completes its scope of research.

The Graduate School Language & Literature Munich provides innovative instruments of support also for post-doctoral researchers and is developing a qualification module that will enable selected Bachelor degree graduates to begin doctorate studies directly.